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Your Brand + Social Media = More Customers

Jan 31, 2018 12:09:00 PM / by Moda Partners

Why is social media a key component in helping you grow your business?

Well, it's simple really—it's where your prospective clients are.

Social media is a unique tool that not only attracts new visitors to your site but can also help convert those visitors into leads, and then promoters of your businesses. Social media can also be used to build and maintain customers by providing a more personalized service visible to users and their social networks.

There are over 2 billion active users on social media. That's almost 70 percent of the world's population!

  • 1.59 billion on Facebook
  • 433 million on LinkedIn
  • 310 million on Twitter
  • 300 million on Google+

What exactly are these people doing on social media? These active users follow brands, engage with brands and influencers, and make purchase decisions based on what businesses, brands, and friends share on social media every day.

So, What Does This Mean for Your Business?

This means that every day that YOUR business or brand is not active on social media is another day of lost sales and opportunities.

According to Social Media Examiner, 66 percent of marketers saw an increase in leads from social media after spending just six hours per week on their social channels. For a busy business owner, though, that six hours is a lot!

You can afford to NOT be on social media!

So, can your turn your stagnant social media profiles into high-powered lead generation machines? Absolutely! Download our FREE guide, How to Attract Customers with Facebook below, and prepare to be amazed.


Attract_Customers_With _Facebook


You work hard to build and maintain a solid reputation, especially online. Amplify that positivity through posting regular content to delight your audiences and on platforms where you audiences hang out.

Download our FREE guide to help you get started.

Have more questions? Contact us for a complimentary consultation. 



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