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What is Omni Channel Marketing and Why Should You Care?

Feb 7, 2018 10:00:00 AM / by Moda Partners

What is Omni channel Marketing?

In the early 90’s, customers only had ONE marketing channel available: the physical shop. Since then, the shopping journey has expanded from physical shops to a include a virtual world. 

Although brick-and-mortar stores are still a part of the shopping experience, shoppers have access to all the information they need right in the palm of their hands. A quick search engine results in an endless array of websites, blogs, reviews and social media posts that tell them what they need to know about a product or service without ever speaking with a salesperson, without walking into a store—or even leaving the house!


Why you should care?

As the shopper experience continues to evolve, new omni channel marketing opportunities become available. By leveraging data analytics, retailers are able to develop a more targeted approach in their customer engagement strategies than ever before.

Research from Google shows that 98% of Americans switch between devices in the same day. But let’s be honest: Most people switch between devices within the hour, maneuvering from mobile device to desktop to tablet.

Companies with omnichannel engagement strategies retain 89% of their customers, compared to 33% for companies with weak omnichannel engagement.


Businesses that fully embrace the omnichannel  experience and inbound marketing strategies are soaring past competitors that only make a half-hearted attempt. A website or Facebook profile is still a great way to build an online presence for your business, but regular content that touches on various topics that matter to your customers is what will truly expand your reach and reputation over time. 

Furthermore, because content is consumed in real time, potential customers will quickly notice if your online presence is outdated or dusty. Consistency is key. And not just consistency in the frequency of published posts, but also consistency in your brand message across channels. So, whether your buyers are in your store or on their Smartphones or devices, all of your connect should be connected to create a seamless customer experience.

Approximately 84% of retailers believe it's very important to create a consistent customer experience across all channels.

Each channel also provides a different opportunity to ease potential customers (personas) along the buyer's journey and beyond. Retailers can establish trust and demonstrate their expertise via blogs and videos that help buyers identify solutions to their problems and make more informed purchasing decisions. Social media provides opportunities to not only attract new followers but also delight current customers. Mobile apps delight and reward existing customers, securing brand loyalty. 


So, What Does This Mean for Your Business?

The shopper experience is changing and the future is exciting for businesses looking to grow. If you want to learn more about the omni channel marketing revolution, or more about the inbound methodology, then download our FREE eBook Introduction to Inbound Marketing.





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