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How Inbound Marketing Can Help Solve Your Biggest Marketing Challenges

Jun 13, 2019 8:10:00 AM / by Moda Partners

Today, the shopping experience begins before customers leave their homes—if they leave at all! And with eCommerce constantly on the rise, and with the convenience and accessibility of mobile devices, all the knowledge in the world can be accessed within seconds and by clicking a device in the palm of the hand.

When you simplify it like that, it's pretty crazy, right?

With that being said, traditional marketing no longer works.

Sorry, Mom and Pops, but it's the truth.

Knowledge is Power - And So is Inbound Marketing

These days, businesses need to make a shift to more of a customer-centric marketing initiative, or what we marketing experts like to call inbound marketing.

What kind of marketing?

Inbound Marketing helps your business get found via web pages, blog articles, and social media messages, which are all optimized to drive qualified leads to your site. 

And who is responsible for this incredibly powerful yet perhaps equally frustrating shift in digital marketing?

Our friends at HubSpot.

Just as inbound marketing has changed the way businesses connect with their audience, HubSpot’s integrated functionality has improved the way businesses do inbound marketing with an all-in-one integrated approach.

In fact, businesses use Hubspot more than any other marketing platform. 

And we aren't any different.

In fact, Moda Partners is also a partner with Hubspot, which allows us to provide our clients with more powerful, customized solutions to compete in the digital landscape. Whether we manage all elements of your inbound marketing strategy or educate you on how to collaborate with us in the Hubspot system, Moda Partners adjusts our approach to suit your company’s specific needs, industries, and marketing goals. 


The Value of Moda Partner's Marketing Services

Moda Partners can help you guide your audience through the marketing funnel from stranger to promoter with content that helps you attract, convert, close and delight. 


inbound methodology icon.png



Attract More Visitors

Moda  offers a variety of tools to help build your online presence and attract more visitors. These include: 

  • Blogging – We create remarkable content based around specific keywords to help your business get found.
  • Social Media – We create strategic ad campaigns, publish social content, and monitor your analytics across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.
  • SEO – We can help you improve your search rankings to get found by qualified leads by optimizing your on-page performance.
  • Website Design & Develpment  – We build and design websites that are customized, rich with content, and that actually convert and looks great on any device. 


Convert Visitors into Leads

Once you’ve attracted visitors to your site, the Moda team will help "nurture" them to take them to the next step by using the following tools:

  • Calls to Action – We will design attractive buttons to compel your visitors to click and act on your offers. 
  • Landing Pages – These pages improve your conversion rates, transforming traffic into qualified leads. 
  • Forms – By asking the right questions at the right time, we can help you optimize lead conversions. 
  • Lead Management – We can help you segment leads based on their activity across your site and other channels.


Close Leads into Customers

After successfully capturing leads, Moda Partners will make it easier for you to convert those leads into customers with a suite of services, including: 

  • Email – Give your emails a personal touch by incorporating any field from your marketing database. 
  • Marketing Automation – Trigger timed follow-up emails to your contacts to remind them that you’re only a click or call away whenever they need you. 
  • Analytics – Determine which traffic sources are generating the most leads and gather other valuable insights. 
  • Salesforce Sync – Take advantage of Salesforce data to segment your contacts, personalize your emails, and much more.


Moda Partners: Education and Services

Moda Partners delivers customized marketing solutions that complement your internal initiatives, enhance your efforts, and strengthen your strategy. From those precious first impressions that attract new visitors to closing customers and growing your business, we bring your digital marketing together in a way that offers you less hassle and more control for greater results.

Want to learn more about our process?

Traditional growth is broken banner home

 Moda Academy simplifies digital marketing. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur, a local business owner wanting to grow your digital presence - or a marketer trying to keep up with the fast-paged digital landscape, Moda Academy is for you. 

Have questions or want to speak with one our experts for FREE? Learn how Moda Partners can start improving your inbound marketing efforts right away, sign up for a free digital review and strategy call.

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