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7 Fascinating Facebook Stats You Can't Ignore

Feb 14, 2018 12:19:00 PM / by Moda Partners

When it comes to marketing your business on Facebook, the opportunites are endless. From organic posts to using Ad Manager for Facebook advertising there is a wealth of tools, tips, and tricks available to help you target your true customer persona.

So, where should you start? How do you know where to invest your efforts? Where can you afford to scale back? How can you decide what to test for your brand this month, and which levers to pull next month?

Here are some fascinating Facebook stats that will help guide your decision.

Here are 7 Facebook stats you can't afford to ignore: 


1. Facebook posts published from 10 – 11 PM EST get 88% more interactions. 

What this means for you:

This means that you need to post your organic content on Facebook during these times. Of course, it's important to test content outside of these hours, but keep this in mind this month.


2. Image posts get 179% more interactions.

What this means for you:
Post with images! And we aren't talking about just random, stock imagery. Spend some time searching and creating truly engaging images that your target audience will love.


3. Posts ending with a question get 162% more interactions.

What this means for you:
How can you post content on your Facebook page that ends with a question? (See what we did there?)


4. Videos are the most shared post type, with an average of 89.5 Facebook shares.

What this means for you:
There are so many great video creators that are available—and why not engage with a third party that can generate videos on a bi-weekly basis? Integrate video into your strategy and prepare to be amazed with the results!


5. Posts published on Sunday get 52.9% more interactions.

What this means for you:
This doesn't mean that you should only post on Sundays, but definitely test posting content on weekends.


6. Excluding images, posts with 150-200 characters performed the best, averaging 238.75 shares.

What this means for you:
Think about your content before posting. Instead of posting just one line of content, consider using Facebook to tell a great story!


7. Using a third party tool to post and share content results in 89.5% less engagement than directly posting to Facebook.

What this means for you:
Although we love tools like Hootsuite and Sprout Social, they might not be the best in terms of brand engagement. Consider posting natively to Facebook.


That's a lot to consider, isn't it? We get it. To help you truly understand the magic behind Facebook, download our FREE eBook How to Attract Customers with Facebook.

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